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Plzeň, Zach's pub czw 20.12 20:30 Circus Ponorka
Praha 2, Balbín poetic pub pt 28.12 20:00 Circus Ponorka

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Circus Ponorka Praha 5, Jazz Dock 24.11.2018 19:00 Circus Ponorka
Circus Ponorka Praha 2, Balbín poetic pub 18.11.2018 20:00 Circus Ponorka
Circus Ponorka Praha 2, Balbín poetic pub 27.09.2018 20:00 Circus Ponorka
Circus Ponorka Praha 5, Jazz Dock 4.09.2018 22:00 Circus Ponorka
Přístavní slavnost 2018 Nymburk, Park Pod Hradbami 4.08.2018 13:00 Přístavní slavnost 2018
Circus Ponorka Praha 2, Balbín poetic pub 28.06.2018 20:00 Circus Ponorka


Circus Ponorka  Over You  Circus Ponorka – Over You 2:58 114 ×
Circus Ponorka  All That Matters  Circus Ponorka – All That Matters 2:49 70 ×
Circus Ponorka  Don't look back  Circus Ponorka – Don't look back 2:59 472 ×
Circus Ponorka  Felix the cat  Circus Ponorka – Felix the cat 3:41 251 ×
Circus Ponorka  Dance  Circus Ponorka – Dance 3:31 261 ×

Circus Ponorka

The guitarist and composer Honza Ponocný has been in a number of bands; his most noted presence being Circus Praha, a quartet he founded with Brad Stratton, who lived in Prague at the time. Ponocný would later become a support musician and composer for various pop-music celebrities although he would feel most compelled to run a private project. That “private project” is Circus Ponorka, a one-man-band the name of which amalgamates the name of his former band and the nickname he is known by to the world of music.

Circus Ponorka is a project that is most probably unique on the global scale. Honza combines the guitar, two microphones and loops recorded in real time on the stage, creating the sound of an entire band. His “dance on the guitar pedals” is more than a pleasure to watch. Other solo performers, however, typically engage in building alternative or psychedelic structures, Ponocný’s priority remains to compose melodic songs many of which have the potential of a hit single. The visitors of music clubs and festivals as well as the viewers of the film Perfect Days by Alice Nellis can prove the above because Honza Ponocný composed and recorded many parts of the film’s score.


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