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Address ul. Jazdów 1, Warszawa
Entry PLN 15
Venue's website www.instytut-teatralny.pl
Director Monika Reks, Coma Ni Cres

Monika Reks and Coma Ni Cres invite you to a blackness show where everything is black – and yet something can be seen. In San Puerto – the country Coma comes from – it is believed that between coma and the end one can still look for life. The authors of the performance are looking for existence with matter – they have made a deal with it to exchange energy. The term “matter” is understood broadly – it can be sand, wire, fabric, blinds, any object which by its materiality can occupy for a long time.

It is a performance without words, but with actions and images, thanks to which you can contemplate your own experiences. The authors of the performance encourage us to dress in black. The blackness and the form have no end, and the performance changes depending on the specific invasion of unconscious content pushing through at a given time. The aim of Monika Reks' project was to achieve full artistic independence, to delve into stage tools learned during puppetry studies, to explore form as a starting point for stage expression and to develop her own creative path.

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