W ogrodzie sztuki

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Address Polska
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W ogrodzie sztuki is a series of lectures in Polish about great artists who, in addition to their artistic talents, harbored a love of flowers, trees and gardens. Four meetings bring together two fascinating fields: art history and botany. During the first meeting, participants will look at the works of two Renaissance masters: Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer. They will discover their fascination with the world of plants and animals, watch the works they made with great attention to detail. The second lecture will explore the fascinating history of botanical illustration. Beautiful depictions of flora and fauna are a real feast for the eyes. The next meeting will be devoted to the Medici family, whose patronage resulted in timeless works of art, turning Florence into a capital of culture and art. The final lecture will feature richly decorated works by Basilius Besler, Alexander Marshal and Marc Catesby, which are worth recalling to admire their artistry and beauty. Meetings in the series In the Garden of Art are a chance for an unforgettable journey to the land of art and botany.

Lecturer: Ewa Szachowska – art therapist, coordinator and author of educational projects and long-term collaborator of Art Transfer Foundation (from 2013). She cooperates with the Museum of Modern Art on the Vistula River on the project Mature Wonderfully. She conducts workshops, guided tours, lectures and various educational activities using the medium of art, dedicated mainly to adults, especially seniors, also people with disabilities and children. She is passionate about art history – by education and love. She deals with education through art and art therapy both conceptually and in terms of workshops. She also conducts workshops and works as a guide in the Botanical Garden of Warsaw University.

Past events

Polska, Streamed event thu 25/2/2021 19:00 Potrzeba kolekcjonowania, rośliny i zwierzęta okiem Basiliusa Beslera, Alexandra Marshala i Marca Catesby'ego
Polska, Streamed event thu 18/2/2021 19:00 Kwiaty Medyceuszy, dzieła sztuki i ogrody florenckich władców
Polska, Streamed event thu 11/2/2021 19:00 Od mandragory do kamelii, fascynująca historia ilustracji botanicznej
Polska, Streamed event thu 4/2/2021 19:00 Jeżyny Leonarda i zając Dürera, tematy roślin i zwierząt w twórczości renesansowych mistrzów

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