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Past concerts

Cancelled: Keep of Kalessin + Vreid + Vredehammer Praha 3, Nová Chmelnice Keep of Kalessin + Vreid + Vredehammer

About Vreid

The combination of melody, rock ‘ n ’ roll, black metal and not only makes these dirt-projectors in the underground, for many the absolute King of the evening. Known for its modesty, the musical skill and human approach, Vreid’s built in those 11 years, what they play absolutely massive base of fans, almost all over the world and left the tour after the U.S. together with chums Kampfar.

The album “Milorg”, or “I krig” belongs to the absolute gems of Norwegian black metal.

Vreid in Norwegian means anger and you will witness how the casts the darkest anger at similar music to the krvechtivého audience. – Translated by Automatic service

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