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Curator Rahel Schrohe

KANG Contemporary presents the work of four artists: Katrin von Lehmann, MASCH, Carolyn Prescott and Raúl de Zárate. Their four, very different artistic positions appear here vis-á-vis the central theme, transfusio – hiding and revealing.

The Latin transfusio denotes a ‘pouring over’, i.e. the fluid movement from here to there, a power of transmission that suggests constant change. This flowing movement is evident in the exhibition space as a characteristic or theme of the works and also in the mode of their interaction. Painting and photography, abstraction and figuration combine to form a fluid connection, in which motifs and references gain a momentary firmness that can dissolve again in the next moment.

The works refer, each in a different way, to something that both lies behind and simultaneously insists upon the surface of the object. They manifest an interest in formal phenomena, historical contexts, and materially specific characteristics. They open up fictional spaces that make something visible in the very gesture of concealing.

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