Towards Interdependent Curating: Beneath the tip of the artistic iceberg

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The next event in the FFEINART Lecture Series. FEINART network member Kuba Szreder from Biennale Warszawa will give a lecture entitled “Towards Interdependent Curating: beneath the tip of the artistic iceberg”.

In his lecture on feminist economies of contemporary art and recent examples of art activism, Kuba Szreder will argue that the critique of the political economy of art is very closely related to the revision of its social ontology. In less academic terms, what art is depends on how, where and by whom it is made, owned, distributed and used.

The world of art and the astronomical prices of works at auction, trophies, corporate museums, major biennials, and even instances of huge artistic egos are just the tip of the iceberg. This is the art world of the one percent, created in their likeness and subordinated to their benefits. But such a playground for the rich is also an artistic factory fed by multitudes of precariats doing artistic work. In this world of artistic production lines, independent curators, individual artists and mobile freelancers supposedly operate. To stay in circulation, they must turn to the entrepreneurs themselves, becoming their own capital, investment, and means of production. Both their independence and youthful enthusiasm they so cherish are lined with uncertainty, anxiety, and the specter of poverty.

The visibility of this ultra-competitive network can be deceptive because it obscures the rich ecosystem of emerging art worlds. Beneath the surface, art can be many things – a painting demonstration, a beverage production, a neighborhood garden, a toppled monument, a barricade constructed of mirrors, a Trojan horse, or a wind turbine. And in this way, art is made by many people – collectives of art workers and consortia of post-art activists. Sometimes they seek to liberate existing institutions, pushing museums into true, not just nominally public, activity. At other times, motivated by need or want, they organize on their own. Rather than await the return of their precarious situation, they trade independence for interdependence, inventing and implementing new, collective ways of creating, curating, and enjoying art.

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