The Reason I Jump

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Origin United Kingdom, USA
Movie genre Documentary
Length 82 min
Director Jerry Rothwell
Links IMDB
Release 2020

How do children and adolescents with autistic spectrum disorders experience the world? An illustrative example is provided in a book by Japanese author Naoki Higashida, whose reflections on his own experience with autism led to the making of a film of the same name.

The book by Naoki Higashida and the documentary of the same name by Jerry Rothwell represent an empathetic and penetrating breakthrough in little-explored experiences of autism: sensory perception, fascination with the present moment, rawness and escalated intensity of experience at both the pleasant and unpleasant ends of the scale. And, of course, the immediacy with which people with autism sometimes surprise those around them. The visual brilliance of the psychedelic camerawork and the phenomenologically accurate commentary not only open the gates to an unusual stream of consciousness, but also reflect and testify to the general human experience.

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