The Cry

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Origin Czechia
Original name Křik
Movie genre Drama, Czech
Length 77 min
Director Jaromil Jireš
Links IMDB
Release 1963
Ranking 72 %

Performing: Eva Límanová, Josef Abrhám, Eva Kopecká, Jiří Kvapil, Jiří Jánoška, Ivan Růžička, Helena Fingerlandová, Štěpánka Cittová, Richard Záhorský, Hana Talpová, Stanislava Procházková, Ladislava Bissingerová, Eva Baborovská, Helena Křišťálová, Eva Pecková, Jitka Pelešková, Milena Zahrynowská, Jana Pešková, Ladislav Otmar

TV mechanic Slávek (Josef Abrhám) takes his wife Ivana (Eva Límanová) to the maternity hospital. From the moment they say goodbye, the couple can’t stop thinking about each other. Their common life up to now unfolds in fragments of memories: their first acquaintance at the railway bridge, the worries of living in a rented apartment, the wedding, furnishing the new flat. They also remember the small quarrels and the fact that they did not want a baby at first. Ivana is in the operating room, while Slávek keeps his appointments with customers and fixes broken TV sets. Anxious about waiting of the delivering a baby, he sensitively and newly becomes aware of the things, people and events around him.

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