Sztuka polityczna

Address ul. Jazdów 2, Warszawa
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Curator Jon Eirik Lundberg, Piotr Bernatowicz

The exhibition Political Art is an attempt to critique the new system of divisions in Western political life, which in recent years has come to the forefront of public debate. In universities, corporations, the media, cultural institutions and cultural life, there is a struggle for hegemony in the public sphere. Terms such as deplatforming, cancel culture and culture of silence describe currents, methods and passions, which in the end may theoretically work against the basic ideas of democracy and values of Western civilization. In this situation, the organizers of the exhibition will try to remind of the need for a free and vibrant public sphere. Art and artists who advocate uninhibited expression and anti-mainstream ideas have a chance to become social assets, but also the target of various attacks. Art can become a voice of opposition in this situation.

The exhibition Political Art aims to present this special group of artists from different countries and continents. Their works tell the story of the struggle for freedom, recall historical events, and revive information that has been erased or erased from public records. They shed light on the mechanisms of power usually hidden from public view and teach how to confront such structures with truth, humor and sarcasm.

Artists: Oscar Olivares, Erik K. Christensen, Dan Park, Uwe Max Jensen, Agnieszka Kolek, Tasleem Mulhall, Firoozeh Bazrafkan, Séamus Moran, Jacek Adamas, Matthew E. Sun, Aleś Pushkin, Lars Vilks, Gongsan Kim, Krzysztof Jung, Waldemart Klyuzko, Wojciech Korkuć, Tam Hoi Ying, Thomas Knarvik, Miriam Elia, Nina Maria Kleivan, Öncü Hrant Gültekin, Mimsy, Emma Elliott, Kristian von Hornsleth, Farnoush Amini, Ignacy Czwartos, Marc Provisor, Jana Zimova

Accompanying program

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