Sue Moondragon: The Teacher Plant's Path

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Address Štefánikova 836/1, Brno
Original date 18/3/2020
Tags Talk
Entry CZK 99–333
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Shamanic teachings on how humans assemble of conscious perception and what is possible along the Teacher Plant Path. The Assemblage Point, a luminous point within the energy body, (see the teachings of Carlos Casteneda from his teacher Don Juan Matus) is a key to enlightenment. There are 11 assemblage point stations along the Human Road and 13 along the Plant Road. The collective consciousness is as it is because most people on the planet are locked into points holding perception of a small mindset. Participants will explore these Assemblage Point teachings and discover how they can use this ancient shamanic knowledge from the ancient Seers and Naguals who worked with Sacred Teacher Plants and Ceremony to support the journey to enlightenment.

Sue Moondragon is a medicine woman, a student and teacher of shamanism and the mystery school traditions. She has studied and practiced shamanism from different cultures, particularly the Toltec and Celtic Shamanic Mystery traditions for the past 45 years.



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