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A book by Anna Rottenberg Zbliżenia. Szkice o polskich artystach is a collection of comments on the art of nearly fifty Polish artists whom the author met in her professional life. Short essayistic forms are intended to reach people outside the narrow circle of professionals. It is a very personal, although incomplete diary of meetings with art.

Anda Rottenberg – art historian and critic, curator of exhibitions. She worked at the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences, headed the Department of Art at the MKiS, was the director of Zachęta and the director of artistic affairs at the Museum of Modern Art. She initiated the creation of the Museum of Modern Art, which she later chaired. For a few years she headed the culture department of the monthly magazine Vogue and hosted a cyclical program Andymateria on Radio TOK FM. She is the author of many publications on art and books, including Sztuka w Polsce 1945-2005, Przeciąg. Teksty o sztuce polskiej lat 80, Proszę bardzo, Berlińska depresja i Lista.

The meeting with Anna Rottenberg will be hosted by Hanna Wróblewska and streamed on Zachęta’s fanpage..

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