Spektakle, których nie zrobiłam

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Address ul. Jazdów 1, Warszawa
Entry PLN 15
Venue's website www.instytut-teatralny.pl
Length 30-120 min
Director Ula Kijak
Release 2021
Author Ula Kijak

Performing: Ula Kijak, zaproszone gościnie i goście, widzki i widzowie, ze specjalnym udziałem Wandy Wasilewskiej

Premiere as part of the review of the winning projects of the 6th edition of the “Placówka” program of the Theater Institute. The project is an interactive experiment, a joint game of deaf phone, a theater of the audience’s imagination, a labyrinth of (non)creation. The project talks about the process of creating spectacles that are never made. Why are so many performances never produced? Why do artists give up on their ideas? How to present a theatrical work that never was and never is? How to give the audience the impression that they have experienced something that was never created? Is it possible to create a fake archive of unmade performances?

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