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Roni Ben–Hur  Eshkolit  Roni Ben–Hur – Eshkolit 6:10 11 ×

About Roni Ben–Hur

Roni Ben-Hur is a musician, storyteller, challenging that it works with depth and radiated sound, combined with the flexibility of engaging notes rhythm. The Barry Harris' Jazz Cultural Theater, which was the epicenter hipu in Manhattan in 1980, I really know who’s who in jazz. “People like Walter Booker, Barry Harris, Chris Anderson and Leroy Williams offered me a window into this music,” says guitarist who was a key player in the band, Barry Harris since 1991. “They were my most important teachers. What attracts me to them is the way they always go directly to the essence of music. They made me realize that it is not never about chords and scales and music theory, but the story telling . This is a key lesson for a young musician to learn and learn. ” – Translated by Automatic service


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