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S Ratri

Past events

Be Psychedelic: Psylwester Gdynia, Studio Filmowe Panika Be Psychedelic: Psylwester
Mayak: Neuro Vortel + Psy Cut Fingers + more Wrocław, Akademia Club Mayak: Neuro Vortel + Psy Cut Fingers + more
PsyMikołajki: Ratri + Cudak + inni Wrocław, Wyspa Tamka PsyMikołajki: Ratri + Cudak + inni
Rakshasa: Ratri + Mana Shield + more Wrocław, D.K. Luksus Rakshasa: Ratri + Mana Shield + more
Cancelled: Psyweekend Wrocław, Sztukąt Psyweekend
Morfonox Wrocław, Sztukąt Morfonox

About Ratri

She has been involved in electronic music for over a decade. Initially, the main currents around which it turned was minimal, techno, dark techno. As a die-hard participant of events, she was great at playing both daily (goa, psytrance) and night (night fullon, darkps, forest, hi-tech, psycore). Until the moment when she began to feel musical dissatisfaction and wanted more, which resulted in the beginning of the adventure with Dj’ing in July 2018. She made her debut during New Year’s Eve 2018/19. on Morfowestern. In March 2019. she joined the Morphogenesis DJs. In her selection, the dominating tracks are fullon and darkps.


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