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Other events
This weekend
Prague Food Festival
Vyšehrad National Cultural Monument
Frantisek Frantisek Darina Darina Pilot Pilot Tom Tom 44
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Edith Edith Markéta Markéta 2
Tomáš Tomáš Václav Václav Shmatova Shmatova Kristýna Kristýna 14
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MINT: Weekend Market
City Market,
Holesovice Market
David David Michal Michal Veronika Veronika 4
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Dan Dan Veronika Veronika 2
Linda Linda 1
Blešák Na Hollaru
City Market,
Veronika Veronika 1
Khamoro 2017
Praha – various venues
Helca Helca 2
Malostranské dvorky
Praha 1
Petra Petra Nina Nina Hubert Hubert Joe Joe 14

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