Postcard From Home

Address ul. Krakowskie Przemieście 5, Warszawa
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The project Postcard From Home was initially an intimate attempt to respond to the realities of pandemic times. In the course of its implementation, however, the idea turned into a large, inter-community initiative exceeding the walls of the Academy, thus creating a platform for dialogue through art. The assumption of the project was, on the one hand, to open the environment of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw to the outside world, and on the other, to bring artists who normally function at the far antipodes of the artistic world or far away from academic circles inside. Postcard from Home" is both a record of time, a documentation of moods and emotional states accompanying the 2020 pandemic, as well as a rich collection of contemporary artistic attitudes and their confrontation in virtual and real spaces.

The project Postcard From Home is alive and still running, and during the exhibition you can still send cards, which will be included in the exhibition on an ongoing basis.

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