In Prague’s alternative music scene, few acts have left as strong a mark during the last ten years as post-hudba, an electro-pop duo composed of singer-songwriter Dominik Zezula and producer Tomáš Havlen. After introducing their first EPs between 2011 and 2013, the band returned with three full-length albums – with the last one, titled My všichni tady a teď (All of us, right here, right now), being released in February 2023. The sound of post-hudba connects traditional songwriting with more experimental elements. There are big choruses and live guitars, but also dance beats, echoes of UK garage, hyperpop, indie folk, and even hardcore. And above it all, there are the lyrics – "the world as we know it is ending, and if we can’t change it, we might as well write songs about it".

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