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Tresor.Klubnacht: Jus-Ed + DJ Holographic + more Berlin, Tresor sat 10/8/2019 23:59 Tresor.Klubnacht: Jus-Ed + DJ Holographic + more
Why So Silent #35: Positive Centre + Claudio PRC + Svreca Warszawa, Jasna 1 sat 3/2/2018 23:00 Why So Silent #35: Positive Centre + Claudio PRC + Svreca
Lunchmeat Festival 2016 Praha , Orco Bubenská fri 14/10/2016 20:00 Lunchmeat Festival 2016


Positive Centre  Old Father Sun Strider  Positive Centre – Old Father Sun Strider 9:41 6 ×
Positive Centre  Stand Down Be Better  Positive Centre – Stand Down Be Better 5:48 2 ×
Positive Centre  Ashes In Exhalation  Positive Centre – Ashes In Exhalation 5:16 1 ×
Positive Centre  Become The Surface  Positive Centre – Become The Surface 4:39 1 ×
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About Positive Centre

Positive Centre is the dark ambient project of Berlin based Artist, Mike Jefford. Using a collection of analog synthesizers, effects processors and tape machines: Positive Centre is an exploration into the possibilities of depth, width and texture reproduction through loud speakers. Being influenced by the GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales) School Masters: Pierre Henry and Iannis Xenakis as well as more contemporary manipulators of sound (from King Tubby and Scientist to Marsen Jules and Aphex Twin). Positive Centre takes the exploration of sound reproduction and audio collage into rhythmic and hypnotic spirals of reverberated walls of sound, with an emphasis on subtle changes in repetition and low frequency sound.


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