Address Poštovská 8d, Brno
Entry CZK 50
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Takes place during Terrain Work

The last day of the week program Terrain Work will be dedicated to children of all ages. The visitors can look forward to family performances, theatre and art workshops and music.

Story of the Black Lady
A play by Tereza Říčanová made out of a box. A story about a poor girl Amálka who narrowly escapes death a couple of times. In the end, she is rightly rescued for her flawless denial and becomes a ruling queen of the country. Black and white fairy tale comedy inspired by J. Š. Kubín’s Black Lady unveils timeless human sorrows which are spun in a wheel and carried away by the wind.

Clockwork Circus
A clockwork circus – a play on a table – was born in Bergen, Norway in 1997. The play takes place on a table, we sing with our mouths, watch it from fifty centimetres, breathe, light up, open, tinkle, and leave…

The Littlest of the Sami
Beyond the polar circle, in the land of winter and cold, live the Sámi people. They take care of their caribou herds and when the animals have nothing to eat, the herdsmen set off with the caribou on a journey for food. One day, the littlest of the Sámi goes on such a journey. He doesn’t know what’s in store for him, yet he eagerly plunges into the adventure.

Uncle Samčo
A unique concert with a message for children. Uncle Jedlička reincarnated into an acoustic guitar. An endemic musician and performer from Slovakia – Samčo, brat dážďoviek.



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