Address Charvátova 39/10, Praha 1
Theatre company Theatre X10
Tags Drama, Sci-fi
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Director Ewa Zembok
Language English unfriendly
Author Stanislaw Lem, René Levínský

Performing: Dana Marková, Hynek Chmelař, Václav Marhold. Tomáš Petřík

A play based on the famous Sci-Fi novel

Endless ocean of intelligence. Endless mass. Endless inability to understand. The border behind which lie man’s greatest fears. How many times does it take to kill a memory? How come that a swath of neutrinos becomes an intelligent being? How many times do you have to sin until you forgive yourself? Who am I? What am I?

Solaris, an iconic Sci-Fi story by Stanislaw Lem, gained cult status almost immediately upon release (in the 60’s), and it still provokes to this day. Lots of questions went unanswered — because the answers don’t exist. The heroes are lost in the depths of space and time, of human soul, of the planet Solaris. How can we understand mysteries of the universe if we can’t understand love? In his most famous work, Lem radically challenges the abilities of human knowledge.

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