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Venue Letenské Sady Praha – Tent No. 1
Address Letenské sady 32, Praha
Length 75 min
Director Baes Virginie
Language English friendly

Performing: Boute Laurence, Couillerot Nina, Do Val Renata, Froidevaux Coline, Gilbert Clémence, Gorisse Mathilde, Hays Cali, Hergas Marion, Kolly Charlotte, Lascoumes Claire, Obach Judit, Roma Alice, Roussel Léa, Ruiz Claire, Serre Anna-Lou, Valle Amaia, Van Gelder Elske.

The 17 women on stage present an eclectic universe, with a colourful range of aesthetics. Represented by the application of different acrobatic techniques and a mixture of theatrical styles. They play a festive game, explosive, playful but risky, dangerous, even.The poetical risk of being seen, observed, criticized, disappointing or disturbing.

Performing artists

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