Venue Náplavka k světu
Address nábřeží Mže u Roosveltova mostu, Plzeň
Theatre company tYhle
Tags Contemporary dance, Pantomime
Event's website
Venue's website
Length 60 min
Director Marie Gourdain
Takes place during Festival TANEC PRAHA 2019

Performing: Lukáš Karásek, Florent Golfier/ Tomáš Janypka, Štěpána Mancová/ Jarek Lambor, Sabina Bočková

Form, formation, duty, order, convention, submissiveness, conformity, rhythm, performance… right, left, right, left, one, two, three, four: Peace and dance!

Through studying the theme of sports, LEGOrytmus shows us how we can think about the current society. The performance draws inspiration from the Olympics, Spartakiade, and aerobics to show with the movement vocabulary familiar to all of us a weird group of sportsmen who are trying real hard to reach their sport goals with unexpected means. We want to touch the absurd with this production. We try to cheerfully untie from the strict rules to get closer to aimless movement. But is it actually possible?

In increasingly fragile Europe where totalitarianism is not as far as it might have seemed, the Czecho-French ensemble with humour provokes questions so important and relevant for all of us again these days.



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