Laskavé bohyně

Address Zenklova 34, Praha 8
Tags Drama
Length 175 min
Director Michal Lang
Language English unfriendly
Release 26. 2. 2016
Author Jonathan Littell

Performing: Jan Teplý, Ondřej Volejník, Ondřej Veselý, Zdeněk Kupka, Martin Hruška, Ivan Jiřík, Tomáš Dianiška, Tereza Dočkalová, Zuzana Slavíková, Magdalena Wronková, Stanislav Šárský, Sebastián Kuhn, Milan Němec, Tomáš Petrák, Kateřina Brdičková, Alžběta Volhejnová, Vojtěch Šárský, Jan Špíšek, Ondřej Sim

*Historical fiction on the ground plan of the ancient drama. *

The extensive novel by American author Jonathan Littelle first appeared in 2006 and immediately became a major literary event. Maximilian Aue’s fictitious memories capture, with unprecedented openness, accuracy, and historical fidelity, the fate of one young, well-secured, educated and more or less “decent SS” who became a mass murderer. A strong and dramatic story that is full of enthusiasm, devotion, hidden sexual desire, and friendship; but also cold and raw rationality, emotional aridness, and a variety of internal rages. This production reveals with terrifying clarity the tremendous danger lurking within everyone. The kind goddesses of the name are met by liths which, in Greek mythology, persecute the offenders…


Praha 8, Divadlo pod Palmovkou wed 3/4 19:00 Laskavé bohyně
Praha 8, Divadlo pod Palmovkou mon 13/5 19:00 Laskavé bohyně



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