Address Poštovská 8d, Brno
Event website www.hadivadlo.cz…
Venue's website www.hadivadlo.cz…
Length 105 min
Director Nikita Trofimov
Language English friendly
Takes place during Setkání / Encounter 2020

Performing: Ekaterinburg State Theatre Institute

Hamlet is the performance-walker for three locations. The far-fetched existence of artists allows you to combine all kinds of genres: kabuki, pantomime, clownery and a rock concert. The performance begins in a scenic space where we imagine that the troupe of wandering artists with whom Hamlet played performance in front of Claudius had just returned from Elsinore, where they fell into the midst of palace intrigue, murder, love and betrayal. These artists will present their views on the most famous story in the world about revenge, because only they saw it personally and know how everything was in reality. And to whom, if not wandering artists to tell this story? Indeed, in their arsenal of music, clowning, pantomime, plastic theatre and other theatrical directions and means of expression that they mastered while travelling around the cities. And the audience also have to make a short trip: at the beginning, they will be guests at the funeral and wedding, then they will be invited to the palace, where the local prince is crazy and, as a result, the action will be mixed on the stage, where the same mousetrap performance will take place and passions will unfold, truly a Shakespearean scale.

Watching the performance, one should not forget that these are only artists and everything that happens in front of the viewer is nothing more than a booth. Therefore, if the viewers you wants to laugh – they need to laugh boldly, if they need to argue with the artist – they need to argue, it’s not forbidden to cry at certain points, and if the actors’ play was delighted, it’s definitely worth rewarding them with hard currency. All this is the freeway to play, where the viewer becomes an accomplice in the performance, and, sometimes, can even change the whole story.

Performed in Russian with English subtitles.



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