Address Husitská 24a, Praha 3
Tags Alternative, Fyzické divadlo
Entry CZK 120–220
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Author Petra Tejnorová, Sodja Lotker, Petra Hauerová, Marek Bartoš a další

How to be together?

Two people as the minimum for the formation of a community. In an age of individualism and loneliness, we decided to explore the possibilities of meeting, how to communicate without words and how to be together, as part of a dance project called Duets. Each Duet thus tests our ideas and prejudices, as well as our ability to perceive closeness and sympathy. The production is created in a non-traditional form through workshops in which performers and dancers Tereza Ondrová, Viktor Černický and Sai Psyn meet for the first time with another person who they did not know before. The meetings are based on a simple script. The workshop participants are both actors and witnesses of these meetings. How to mediate and create a space where it is possible to slow down for a while, to offer an approximation instead of an assessment? How to record such an encounter through the body in the resulting production? How to grasp the complexity of the human relationship that takes place at the level of social diversity, genetics, hair colour, our emotions and the like? At a time when it is necessary to come up with prepared answers as quickly as possible – by published judgments, we consider it important to offer something else. Can we track people in their simplicity or complexity?



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