Die fürchterlichen Fünf

Address Parkaue 29, Berlin
Entry € 13
Event website www.parkaue.de…
Venue's website www.parkaue.de
Director Thomas Fiedler
Language English unfriendly
Release 12. 9. 2019
Author Thomas Fiedler, Wolf Erlbruch

Performing: Caroline Erdmann, Filip Grujic, Sarah El-Issa, Johannes Hendrik Langer, Andrej von Sallwitz, Maciej Śledziecki

Toad, rat, spider and bat have settled in their role as outsiders. Ugly they are and disgusting. ThatÄs what they told you. And now they themselves believe that. One day when a giggling hyena meets them, it changes everything. Not how you look, but what you do counts, she radiates with her wide face in the round and unpacks her saxophone. In no time, the others are enchanted and bring out their sounds. Forgetting their sadness, everything gets moving. Only toad can neither play nor sing an instrument. But – she can bake pancakes for everyone! Spider hangs lanterns, tables are moved and ready is the stalls magic. Now only the guests are missing!



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