Běžkařská odyssea

Venue Letenské Sady Praha
Address Letenské sady 32, Praha
Theatre company Brothers in Trick
Length 45 min

Performing: Adam Jarchovský, Václav Jelínek

The trip is a race whose main award is an experience.

In this respect, these men are the best competitors – real champions. They are even better than they have ever thought. Two cross-country skiers lost in the map and the season of the year, side by side but in one ski run, are undergoing a cross-country odyssey – a wandering journey with an obscure course as well as ending. Ski poles ready, wax your moustache, an encouraging shot of tea and let´s start!

The performance Cross-country Skiing Odyssey draws upon The Trick Brothers´ long-lasting experience with street theatre. Their strong points are self-irony, juggling, handling objects, moderate acrobatics and kind humour. The audience will be both mentally and physically drawn into the play whatever it happens. No trace? It does not matter – this show is not traditional in any way!

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