Address Náměstí Míru 7, Praha 2
Tags Drama, Comedy
Length 90 min
Director Alžběta Burianová
Release 16. 5. 2018
Author Magdalena Frydrych Gregorová

Performing: Zuzana Vejvodová, Tereza Terberová, Marek Lambora, Jana Kotrbatá, Ondřej Kraus, Antonie Talacková, Viktor Javořík

Positive negative tragicomedy.

Young women and young men who crash real life with the ubiquitous marketing-challenging demands of positive thinking and assertive action are put into the car. She condemned them to the lifestyle of the singles, encapsulated in the shit of self-enjoyment. In the game we watch their desires and efforts to escape from this ghetto, whose walls are reinforced with manual slogans about the necessity of success, the need to “enjoy” and the duty to “think positively”.

Magdalena Frydrych Gregorová is the author of the radio plays Panenka from porcelain, Hristo and Na věky, the theater plays Dorotka and Vltavínky and now acts as one of the two main authors of the television series Ulice.



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