Address Linienstraße 227, 10178 Berlin
Tags Drama
Entry € 8
Venue's website www.volksbuehne.berlin
Director Luis Krummenacher, Emma Charlott Ulrich, Magdalena Weber
Language English unfriendly
Release 12. 12. 2018
Author Luis Krummenacher, David Thibaut, Emma Charlott Ulrich, Magdalena Weber

Performing: Sophia Jelena Bobić, Núria Frías, Marlene Kommalein, Luis Krummenacher, Aybüke Lara, Celine Meral, Charlotte Schiffler, Heidi Wagner, Ella Veit

It is bucketing down. It is raining cats and dogs. I am your windscreen wipers, I go “squeak sputter, squeak sputter, squeak -” and then I just stop. In that very moment, through the streaks of your windscreen, you see the colours of the petrol station. “Fill it up! Of course!” the jingle rings through your inner ear as you pull into the parking lot. And then time loses control. It passes slowly and quickly at the same time, and it’s not entirely clear if weeks, years or just 90 minutes have gone by. The only things that are clear are that it keeps on bucketing down and raining cats and dogs, the petrol station owner’s name is Noa and she’s really really nice. The mechanics pursue their band project and there’s not a lot of time left for the windscreen wipers – but again and again it’s time for Noa’s sister to visit and for the highs and lows of the unstable toilet attendant’s novel. You watch a man try to back into a parking space, and the station attendant has had it up to here with water in her wellies and in general. And then there’s still the boyfriend on the payphone and maybe a surprise guest.



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