Mój pierwszy raz

Address ul. Marszałkowska 56, Warszawa
Tags Drama, Comedy
Length 90 min
Director Krystyna Janda
Release 2018
Author Ken Davenport

Performing: Natalia Berardinelli, Agnieszka Krukówna, Mirosław Haniszewski, Antoni Pawlicki

_ My first time_ is about something that is extremely rare because it connects almost everyone on this planet. Whether you live in Delhi or New York, or you are Bill Clinton or Bill Gates, in all probability will come a moment in your life that you will experience sex for the first time. If it concerns so many of us, why do not we talk about it? That is why the spectacle is created. Let people start talking about this extraordinary rite of passage. We promise so much after him, and the reality is usually dramatically disappointing.

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