Konec masopustu

Address Náměstí Míru 7, Praha 2
Tags Drama
Director Martin Františák
Release 19. 10. 2018
Author Josef Topol

Performing: Tomáš Pavelka, Viktor Javořík, Markéta Frösslová, Igor Bareš, Petr Rychlý, Zuzana Vejvodová, Regina Rázlová, Marek Lambora, Marek Adamczyk, Pavel Rímský, Aleš Procházka, Vendulka Křížová, Daniel Bambas, Dominick Benedikt, Ondřej Kraus, Tereza Terberová, Jana Kotrbatá, David Steigerwald

"You’re lying! Therefore you are not afraid of words."

The masquerade parade is going to take place in the Czech countryside. Husar the Obstruction of the Simple Young Henry, the King’s Farmer’s Son, to become the King of the Carnival, who will be buried at the end of the Jubilee. With it, the “private sector” should be symbolically buried. There is water flowing from the thawing land, and the Masks enter where they want. Henry believes in the truth of the words just as the King in the honesty of the ancestral land. The time of the turn of the village in the fifties of the last century is portrayed in the game through the characters written truthfully with an effective understanding of the Czech nature and a deep understanding of the Czech countryside. The masks keep an ancient ritual poetry of folk customs, and the streets are equipped with local radio speakers. Officials urge their neighbors to break the King’s resistance to joining the cooperative. Masquerans want to shorten their way through the Kings' Land, and the kids are exposed to the pressure of their peers' lifestyle changes. Those who lie and are not afraid of words are able to turn their great words into blobs and their great feelings into tragedy. The broken company stands at the end of the game with empty hands over the dead Jindrich, the King of the Carnival.

The Josef Topol game, first introduced in 1963, is today among the top ten Czech dramatic plays. Today we can read it with new experiences not only as an exciting village drama, but also as a genius-poetically-afflicted image of a big break that still polarizes our society in relation to truth, soil, conscience, faith and work. The production prepares theater for the centennial anniversary of Czechoslovakia.


Praha 2, Vinohrady Theatre tue 22/1 19:00 Konec masopustu



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