Kartoteka rozrzucona

Address Plac Defilad 1, Warszawa
Tags Drama, Literature
Length 75 min
Director Radosław Rychcik
Release 2018
Author Tadeusz Różewicz

Performing: Dominika Biernat, Tomasz Nosinski, Dominika Ostałowska, Bartosz Porczyk, Natalia Rybicka

Canonical text. His canonicity is enchanted in an eternally open form. The Różewicz file provides the viewer with a well-known image of the Hero’s room through which the “street passes” filled with voices. These voices are split and multiplied. The image of this experience is the experience of a broken mirror, that is, a picture of the world and history that can not be merged. This experience is the structure of Różewicz’s File. This is her open form. It is not, or does not have to be, a biography of only one generation, its potential is universal. It is a form that is always turned towards the future.


Warszawa, Teatr Studio fri 14/12 18:00 Kartoteka rozrzucona
Warszawa, Teatr Studio sun 16/12 18:00 Kartoteka rozrzucona



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