Address ul. Jagiellońska 1, Kraków
Tags Musical, Literature
Entry PLN 30–50
Event's website…
Length 60 min
Director Aneta Groszyńska
Language English friendly
Release 2016
Author Martín Caparrós

Performing: Szymon Czacki, Urszula Kiebzak, Katarzyna Krzanowska, Małgorzata Biela

“How can we live, dammit, with the knowledge that such things are going on?” This phrase haunts the author of “Hunger,” as it does the readers of Martín Caparrós’ book. The book itself is an extraordinary journey through the neverending history of the phenomenon of hunger. In their rendition of “Hunger,” young artists have proposed what they call a tasteless musical performance. They ask us, as an audience and as citizens, how can we avoid being guests at Nero’s feast. Together with four actors from Stary Theatre ensemble, they create such characters as A Man from the Western World, Mother Theresa, Starving Child, Vandana Shiva or Broker from Chicago, who take us on a journey to investigate the many shades of the Western conscience.



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