Address Slavíkova 22, Praha
Theatre company Lachende Bestien
Entry CZK 110–190
Venue's website www.venuse-ve-svehlovce.cz
Director Michal Hába
Language English unfriendly
Author Michal Hába, Simona Petrů

Performing: Michal Hába a kapela Konzum Kokain Kapitalismus (Jindřich Čížek, Vlado Mikláš a Michal Škoda)

“Ferdinand Vaněk Today – a topic for theatre today”

The intellectual in public space, Václav Havel and his legacy, postcommunism and postmodern confusion, absence of a single truth or rather posttruth, division of the society into masses and élite and impossiblity of their mutual understanding. “Ferdinand Vaněk Today” misses his partner, the Brewmaster, so he is not engaged in a dialogue, only in a powerfully powerless monologue. The text is inspired by Václav Havel´s play Audience and by his essays The Power of the Powerless or The Anatomy of the Gag.



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