Fathers and Sons

Address Schumannstr. 13a, 10117 Berlin
Tags Drama
Length 235 min
Director Daniela Löffner
Release 12. 12. 2015
Author Brian Friel

Performing: Marcel Kohler, Alexander Khuon, Helmut Mooshammer, Oliver Stokowski, Bernd Stempel, Barbara Schnitzler, Lisa Hrdina, Franziska Machens, Kathleen Morgeneyer, Elke Petri, Linn Reusse, Markwart Müller-Elmau, Caner Sunar

“Modern psychology would say that you refuse to believe in anything because faith requires commitment, and you’re afraid of commitment. And you’re afraid of commitment because that would require you to give everything. And you give nothing. And then you excuse yourself by saying that you regard passion as a luxury: at the same time you know full well in your heart that this excuse is a lie.” Yevgeny Bazarov

The two young medical students Arkady and Bazarov return to their rural home for the summer. With their nihilistic convictions they both want to create a completely different society with new values and ideals. But while Arkady tries to connect his vision and present-day circumstances in a pragmatic fashion, Bazarov seeks a radical confrontation with his environment. In the end, his vehement dedication puts his life in danger, and after his death, the question remains whether the reasons for his actions truly lay in his fight for ideals, or in the hopelessness of fulfilling them. Fathers and Sons is a representation of the generations posing the question of what remains of our influences on the world and who will be left to talk of the dead.

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