Das 1. Evangelium

Address Linienstraße 227, 10178 Berlin
Tags Drama
Length 140 min
Director Kay Voges

Performing: Manolo Bertling, Julischka Eichel, Sebastian Graf, Paul Grill, Berit Jentzsch, Christoph Jöde, Paula Kober, Janine Kreß, Rahel Ohm, Sylvana Seddig, Holger Stockhaus as well as Henning Flüsloh, Maximilian Gehrlinger, Noelle Haeseling, Felix Mayr, Moritz Carl Winklmayr, Christopher Vantis

And God became a man. Searching for traces of the Gospel of Matthew, Bach’s Passions and Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film, the director Kay Voges tells the founding myth of the New Testament. Jesus of Nazareth’s life takes place between the first scream of birth and the scream of death. How can one tell the story of God’s incarnation today? Kay Voges stages the “live making-of” parallel to the passion play. He shows how the overwhelming images are produced. Simultaneously, one also learns to mistrust these images. Voges’ words operate on the borderline between visual arts, theater, film and liturgy. Loosely based on Matthew, he tells of our world’s passions, of belief, of losing belief and of the life of an artist as a man of pain.

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