Człowiek dwóch szefów

Address ul. Słowackiego 19a, Warszawa
Tags Comedy
Director Tomasz Dutkiewicz
Author Richarda Bean

Performing: Klaudia Halejcio, Julia Kamińska, Agnieszka Michalska, Rafał Cieszyński, Tomasz Dedek, Tomasz Dutkiewicz, Wojciech Majchrzak, Łukasz Nowicki, Robert Ostolski, Maciej Radel, Rafał Rutkowski, Maciej Wojcieszuk

Francis Henshall is a disarmingly sweet rascal. He has an extraordinary talent for packing himself into deadly situations and a huge appetite. There is absolutely no money for it and too much for a fair job. Therefore, he employs two bosses at the same time, hoping to get him baked. He should reasonably count only on the resulting troubles, but not in the style of Francis. His two bosses arrive at the same hotel and want to live in the same room. But most of all he is very hungry and from time to time he becomes more and more in love with the bride’s accountant father who is just wondering what happened to the money for his ex-fiance’s surviving daughter who was killed by her sister’s fiancé who now wants to collect the money due her late brother, which Francis was to give her.

A spectacle for viewers from the age of 15.

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