Brudło z Wąchabna

Address Mińska 25/74, Warszawa
Tags Drama, Alternative
Entry PLN 15
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Director Weronika Fibich
Author Alicja Brudło

Performing: Alicja Brudło

Theatrical investigation by Alicja Brudło under the direction and tutorial supervision of Weronika Fibich. Warsaw and Wąchabno are more than 400 kilometers away, it has been going on since 1934, the way of voices, sounds and documents. At the same time there is one instrument. There is also a descendant. There are also loopholes in the history she creates. A void that can hardly be seen between hundreds of yellowed sheets of paper, recordings that are always waiting for their listeners, the sandy Wąchabna road, the curved corners of the goat, the borderland, Wielkopolska and its music. How to find here a voice that nobody remembered in advance? Its reproduction during the performance is an attempt to find one’s own identity.



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