Black Black Woods

Venue Jatka78
Address Bubenské nábřeží 306/13, Praha 7
Theatre company Cirk La Putyka
Tags Contemporary dance, Performance
Length 270 min
Director Jozef Fruček, Linda Kapetanea
Release 22. 9. 2016

Performing: Rostislav Novák ml., Rostislav Novák st.

Kalevala, The Peloponnesian War, Dürer’s Melancholia, Fruček, Kapetanea, Novák senior, Novák junior., Mantzoukis, Záveská, Musa, Athens, Prague, Cirk La Putyka, Rootlessroot, combat, tears, hug, embrace, alcohol, laugh, madness, childhood, old age, hyperactivity, support, 1948/1979/2016. Black Black Wood, place of meeting of the father and the son. Some rules cannot be broken; they already are in force for thousands of years.

„Jozef Fruček asked me if show that I want to produce, shall enjoy a success in Prague, or show, which shall infringe limits of the present performance art in general. Guess, what was my answer." - Rostislav Novák Jr.

The rules of the black black woods

From 6.30 to 9 pm, the audience is encouraged to take a break whenever needed, whether for refreshment or bathroom errands. The door to the theatre hall shall be shut at 9.00, after which time no one shall be allowed to enter due to a high number of performers in the space. We thank you for respecting these rules and for your understanding.

Come and stop for a couple of hours and revel in the beauty of the black black woods.

Partly in Czech.


Praha 7, Jatka78 25/3/2019 18:30 Black Black Woods
Praha 7, Jatka78 26/3/2019 18:30 Black Black Woods



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