Beniowski. Ballada bez bohatera

Address ul. Dąbrowskiego 5, Poznań
Tags Drama
Length 90 min
Director Małgorzata Warsicka
Release 2018
Author Juliusz Słowacki

Performing: Karolina Głąb, Alicja Juszkiewicz, Anna Mierzwa, Oliwia Nazimek, Julia Rybakowska

Maurycy Beniowski existed. Back in the 1950s, the British ambassador in Madagascar reported that he saw the grave of the self-proclaimed king of the “only Polish colony”. The journey of the Polish Don Quixote from Kamchatka to Baltimore is also marked by other wives, children, mistresses abandoned by him … It is not surprising that Slavic fantasy, passion and faith that it is not mind and heart that need to be interested in Słowacki, becoming a literary challenge for the poet for two decades, because that’s how much it took to write a poem about ghosts, witches, ancestors barrows, Bar Confederation and Khania Giraju.

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