Alma. Amoroso presto

Address Zelný Trh 9, Brno
Tags Drama
Length 90 min
Director Gabriela Ženatá
Language English unfriendly
Release 9. 9. 2016
Author Jiří Ort

Performing: Tereza Marečková, Ivana Hloužková, Isabela Bencová, Pavlína Vaňková, Dalibor Buš

Alma Mahler-Werfel fascinated, repulsed, and provoked contemporaries with contradictory statements: “the most beautiful girl in Vienna” (Gustav Klimt), “all overflowing woman with a sweet smile” (Elias Canetti), “monster” (Theodor Adorno), “a woman with inferiority complexes”(Richard Strauss), “The Great Lady and the Canal” (Marietta Torberg, Writer’s Writer Friedrich T.), “Painted, Naughty, Naughty and Pleasant” (Claire Goll, Writer) (EM Remarque).

Alma Mahler-Werfel emigrated with Franz Werfel from France to the U.S. When Werfel is dying in 1945, Alma moves from California to New York, where Ida is called Schulli, a long-time girlfriend from Vienna. In New York, 1957, Alma Mahler-Werfel prepares an interview with an Austrian radio reporter, which brings Alma back to the thoughts of the past… And nothing should be left to chance.


Brno, Goose on a String 30/1/2019 17:00 Alma. Amoroso presto
Brno, Goose on a String 6/2/2019 19:00 Alma. Amoroso presto



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