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Poetic Filharmony  Alternativa TV  Poetic Filharmony - Alternativa TV 8:35 78 ×
Poetic Filharmony  Poetry Jam  Poetic Filharmony - Poetry Jam 7:37 50 ×
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About Poetic Filharmony

Fusion-Jazz band Poetic Filharmony was founded in 2003 and settled in the report Hampacher Roman, gypsy Martin, John and Roman Cervenka Džačár. Even without the trio of Martin Gypsy band released an album in 2006 Ügor Stravinsky. All musicians have a wealth of gaming experience, just highlight the work of Jan Cervenka qartetu Koubková Jane, co-operation with the likes of Roman Hampachera Dobrohost Dew or Irish or Roman Džačára and his band playing in Lealoo. Cikánek Martin worked for a long time abroad. Poetic Music Filharmony on concert stages can create a unique atmosphere consisting of a mixture of exactly zkomponovaných passages places and vice versa, in which the musicians leave room for improvisation. Counterweight quiet brooding songs (Jehoshaphat, Auschwitz) is a lively composition (Jezewec) or tending to the Jungle drum.


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