Rauschen: Hosh + Nico Stojan + more

Address Falckensteinerstr. 49, Berlin
Tags Electronic, House, House
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Dynamic mastermind Solomun says himself, that a big part of his succes goes onaccount of Hosh. Slight trend afficiencies are clearly shown, although in the end he does take great care of theconsistency of his values, which have gotten him a pretty safe standing at the pop affine house circus of the hour. On the same wave rides Berlin based Nico Stojan, who has released his new album Twisted Manners on URSL and has started his own label called Ouie together with Acid Pauli. Also the woman in today’s round is worth mentioning. Currently, Britta is surely one of the strongest in Berlin.

Performing artists

Electronic, House, House
Electronic, House, Deep House
Electronic, House, Techno, Deep House


H.O.S.H.  Boiler Room Tulum (live)  H.O.S.H. - Boiler Room Tulum (live) 19:23 136 ×
Nico Stojan  Cheriemoya  Nico Stojan – Cheriemoya - Original Mix 7:54 0 ×
Britta Arnold  Chicken Curry  Britta Arnold – Chicken Curry 8:04 0 ×
Upercent  Fantasmeta  Upercent – Fantasmeta 6:24 0 ×
Joris Biesmans  It's Time  Joris Biesmans - It's Time 4:56 1 ×



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