Zajęcia Animal Flow

Address ul. Wysockiego 11, Warszawa
Tags Sport

Animal Flow is an innovative training created by Mike Fitch. It is a combination of training methods such as: Yoga, Pilates, Capopeira, Callanetics, Parkour, Contemporary Dance. This training is based on animal movements, body load and gravity, it is practiced barefoot, thanks to which the cooperation of the nervous and muscular systems is improved. Animal Flow was created in such a way as to activate as many muscle groups, joints, tendons and ligaments as possible at the same time. Classes for teenagers, children and adults.


Warszawa, Dom Kultury Świt mon 26/11 19:10 Zajęcia Animal Flow
Warszawa, Dom Kultury Świt mon 3/12 19:10 Zajęcia Animal Flow



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