Usłysz Mnie. Muzyka: Muzyczne sieci napięć

Address ul. Madalińskiego 10/16, Warszawa
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Music – invisible but audible. How is it made? What does it consist of? How can these sounds and silence be arranged? In the vertical or linear? Do you have to understand it? A series of meetings about music. The hostess: Katarzyna Naliwajek (musicologist, assistant professor at the Institute of Musicology, University of Warsaw).

On October 29, the topic is Music tension networks. What’s the melody for? How does harmony work? The forces of tension and relaxation, and the energy of music – how it happens, to what extent depends on how to divide the sound space? The dictate of ready-made tonality, the question, is dur a boy and a minor girl? Or maybe the microtonality pluralism? How can these voltages be eliminated in five- or twelve-element or quarter-tonne systems and what for?



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