Stand-up: Kryształy

Address ul. Pszczyńska 85, Gliwice
Tags Show, Stand-up
Entry PLN 35–40

In the stand-up world it is too easy in search of gold to come across tombac. Fortunately, a team, which shines in the darkness, sparkles with jokes and evokes euphoria and an unreasonable desire to talk to everyone around it, comes back. These are Kryształy, a comedian quartet bound together by ties of alcohol and common views on hedonism (in general: they are in favour), with thousands of performances behind the belt, millions of displays on Youtube and constant emptiness in their souls who they intend to bring out on stage for your pleasure. They appear in a unique formula of two leading pairs and two performing pairs.

The structure of Kryształy is: Jacek Stramik – a native of Koszalin, settled in Poznań, co-author of the book Łapy precz od żartów (with Abelard Giza), likes to arouse controversy, divide the audience into those who understand him and pitchers who should stay at home; Jasiek Borkowski – the unborn son of Warsaw’s Ochota, with his dress cleverly forcing him to leave the mental guard, only to bring out an accurate blow to the centre of being: the most characteristic and melancholic comedian in Poland; Darek Gadowski – pure Koszalin energy, meetings with Darek is an ideal therapy for a sad reality. His stand-up driven by frustration, inventiveness and pure relaxation evokes well-deserved reactions throughout the country; Bartosz Zalewski – comes from Wrocław, and his performances are based on the tradition of maximising the absurd. The world presented in his performances is a curved mirror of a sufficiently curved reality, and someone else has sprinkled on it.



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