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Over four years now, The Table Tennis Club & Open Decks is a fixture for table tennis junkies. Whether Djing or playing table tennis – whether techno, drum and bass, disco or mom’s hit collection – every style is welcome and celebrated by the audience. Therefore, the Open Decks evening offers many young DJs a unique platform to perform their arts and to exchange with each other. Two ping-pong tables, enough trowels for everyone, a high-quality soccer table, full sound from the speakers and last but not least cheap beer on tap are helping to make sure that a growing number of good-humored people have declared Tuesday their home base in the Humboldthain Club. How does it work with the Djing? At the beginning of each event there is a list of the slots for the evening at the Mainbar. Each slot lasts half an hour and each DJ is allowed to enter only one name in the list. There are 16 slots per evening, so it’s best not to be late, otherwise the list is full. VINYL ONLY.


Berlin, Humboldthain tue 29/1 20:00 Open Decks: Residents + more



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