Octopus: eXistenZ

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Venue W4
Address ul. Elektryków 33B, Gdańsk
Tags Screening
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Takes place during Octopus Film Festival 2019

Screening of the movie „eXistenZ” directed by David Cronenberg as part of the Cyberpunk cycle at the Octopus Film Festival 2019.

Pink jelly-like pads with umbilical cord-like cord; “Special dish” in the color of vomit, from which you can dig bony weapon; a small, disgusting bio-port in the navel of Jennifer Jason Leigh – there are no endings in eXistenZ. In love with foul objects, David Cronenberg created the work proudly entering the new millennium. His film premiered in 1999 and fought for attention with – in a sense similar – Matrix, who for several weeks triumphed on the screens of cinemas. While the Wachowskie film preserves the spiritual end of the millennium, along with the fashion and electronic equipment characteristic of it, it is eXistenZ that seems more timely today. In 2019, no one ever challenges the artistic status of video games, and some attract more than any other art. The popularity of VR technology is growing, as is the need for immersion, a total immersion in a world more perfect than the one we watch every day. The main character of the film, Allegra Geller – the creator of the title eXistenZ – says openly and with excitement: “this is not just a game”. When users attach their prototype pads to their bodies, the world will open new possibilities for them.



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