Octopus: Dredd 3D

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Address ul. Wiosny Ludów 4, Gdańsk
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Venue's website www.wl4.pl
Takes place during Octopus Film Festival 2019

Screening of “Dredd 3D” by Pete Travis as part of the Postapocalypse and Cyberpunk cycles at the Octopus Film Festival 2019.

Created in 1977, the title character, a Dirty Harry brought to the extreme, is an iconic figure in British comics. In the world of dystopian future, he is a model example of a law enforcement officer who is a combination of a policeman, a judge and an executioner. “The law is me.” – repeats to smash the skulls of other criminals if necessary. Until recently, he was best known for his strictly commercial adaptation of Sylvester Stallone from 1995, whose pathos and naivety collided with the over-explained and brutal character of the original comic book. The latest version of his adventures, unrelated to it, is fortunately rid of typical Hollywood limitations and, instead of stroking the viewer’s head, hits him straight in the teeth. A marvellous pretext story presents the metropolis of Mega-City One during the constant riots and gang wars. The action takes place mainly in a gigantic block of flats belonging to the Ma-My Clan, a gang specializing in the production of the drug Slo-Mo, which slows down the reality of its users while intensifying all possible sensations. After a certain murder, Dredd (Karl Urban, not pulling down his police helmet for a moment to suggest that the hero is a personification of the law) arrives at the scene, accompanied by a mutant judge named Anderson (Olivia Thirlby). Soon the block is closed and the protagonists are hunted by more bandits. This, combined with Slo-Mo’s action, brings a high-energy, unpretentious action movie and one of the most visually beautiful violent ballets of recent years.


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