Octopus: Akira

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Venue W4
Address ul. Elektryków 33B, Gdańsk
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Takes place during Octopus Film Festival 2019

Screening of the movie “Akira” directed by Katsuhiro Ōtomo as part of the Cyberpunk cycle at the Octopus Film Festival 2019.

What is the inspiration for such pop culture classics as Matrix, The Dark Knight, Stranger Things and Ghost in the Shell? Undoubtedly the futuristic, spectacular Akira by Katsuhiro Ōtomo. Neo-Tokyo, 2019. 31 years after its complete destruction, the rebuilt capital of Japan resembles Gotham City exponentiated: skyscrapers climb to the sky, neon lights and lights pulsate relentlessly, and multi-storey highways tightly encircle the metropolis. The gangs are racing through the streets of chaos, terrorism and crime. Kaneda commands his own group of motorcyclists in the city. During one of his clashes with his rivals, his friend Tetsuo collides with a fugitive from a government laboratory, triggering supernatural and unstoppable powers. Otomo directed Akira, the most expensive anime in history at the time, based on his own manga. The film quickly gained cult status, especially in North America, where it was even released on LaserDisc by Criterion Collection. At the same time as animation – which initiated a real cyberpunk wave in Japan – a video game appeared on the market. It sums up the atmosphere of the era in which building a universe in various media slowly became everyday bread.


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